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Tuesday, June 17, 2014


“His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta is gravely concerned by the attacks in Mpeketoni, and the heavy loss of life.”
Thank you Mr. President, we appreciate your concern but we are afraid your concern doesn’t cut it anymore. We Kenyans should blame you… You should apologize to Kenyans Mr. President for under your watch we have lost count of the number of hard working tax paying Kenyan Men and Women who have lost their life in horrific terror attacks.

They have SHOT children too Mr. President… Children just like your own Mr. President.
You should be sorry Mr. President. Sorry for failing to protect your people. The people who elected and stood by you while you are facing criminal charges. The people who pay for your good life and ample security so that you can help them have the same. The people who trusted you with their lives. Their lives Mr. President.
“The President’s thoughts and prayers are with those who have suffered. He has sent a message of condolence to the families of the bereaved; and he wishes quick recovery to the injured, and those receiving treatment.”
Thanks for your prayers Mr. President. We will take those… We will not take thoughts, messages and wishes Mr. President… We need action. We will not take promises either.
These women have lost their relatives Mr. President. They don’t need condolences, they don’t need assurances, they need action, they need justice, they need security. Security Mr. President.
“He and his Government stand with the residents of Mpeketoni who suffered through the trauma and tragedy of last night.”
These Mpeketoni residents are not standing Mr. President… They have fallen in the hands of the enemy you have sworn several times with a lot of conviction that you will deal with severely. They seem to be winning Mr. President… We hear all these news about them attacking all over and escaping… They are now attacking police Mr. President. The men and women you send to protect us are being attacked by masked villains.

The men and women you send to protect us are being attacked by masked villains.
“The President has asked Interior and Co-ordination of National Government Cabinet Secretary Joseph Ole Lenku to take personal charge of the operation in Lamu.”
No offense Mr. President but I don’t think that was a wise idea. Your trusted security chiefs have failed you over and over again… We don’t trust them anymore Mr. President… Mr. President, We don’t think there is anything else they can do other than blunder and play with our lives. Kenyans lives Mr. President.
“To the people of Mpeketoni, Lamu County, and the nation: the President pledges swift action against all those responsible for the heinous attacks.”
Mr. President, We have heard that several times. I bet those fallen Mpeketoni residents believed you when you gave that very moving speech after The Westgate attack that had the same promise. I said we will not take promises Mr. President.
“In order to focus on the incident in Mpeketoni, the President has postponed a trip to Moyale, previously scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday 17 June 2014.”
Mr. President, We are grateful that you cancelled your trip to focus on the terror attack. Please focus on the right things to make it worth your presidential time. If your focus will be promises and condolences maybe you should just go on the trip Mr. President. Some of us have had to cancel numerous travel plans – not trips – for fear of being attacked. 

Kenyans have died traveling Mr. President. On buses and stations

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